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Operator Biography

Lion 2 Armor and 2 Fast. Medium Fast Operator.

  • Real name: Olivier Flament
  • Alias: Lion
  • Date of Birth: 29 August 1987
  • Place of birth: Toulouse, France
  • Height: 1.85m
  • Weight: 87kg


Equipment Introduction

   I suggest the V308 started with the main weapon. This is because there are too many rounds of ammunition and easy recoil control.

                      R6 Credits

As for plug-ins:

  • Connect the V308 to the compensator. Easy recoil control.
  • Attach the vertical handle to the handle. This makes kickback easier.
  • Put on your desired binoculars.
  • The laser is connected to you.

As for the pistol:

  • I recommend P9. I don't recommend Magnum because the rate of fire is too high after the first bullet.
  • Let's put the muzzle brake on the P9 gun as a barrel. Suppressor greatly reduces damage.
  • The laser is connected to you.

   I suggest you use Clay more as a device. You can get flash if you want.      R6 Credits


   You know that the operator named Lion is EE-ONE-D. When you run this feature,it detects enemy movements on the entire map and reveals their locations during the scan. * Enemies must move in order to reveal their positions. The operator has 2 rights to operate the EE-ONE-D device. When you run EE-ONE-D, the countdown starts from 3 and when the count is over, EE-ONE-D scans the entire map. Shows the location of moving enemies. The EE-ONE-D scan time is 4 seconds.After using an EE-ONE-D, you can use the other EE-ONE-D after 10 seconds.

   You can only use EE-ONE-D twice, so it is advantageous to use it on time. When we recommend you to use:

   When one of your team gets a query from caveria, you know that your team's positions are exposed and usually the entire defense team will attack you. You can use these times and you can learn their position.

   When a voice blows from the Yokai drone and Echo is nearby, he's coming to shoot you. You can use this time to avoid echo.

   When you enter the area while playing Secure Area, you can use it to stop the enemies coming from outside or learn their places.

   You can use it when setting up a defuser or entering a secure area in the last seconds.

   If you're playing hostage mode, you can use it while you're hijacking the hostage.         R6 Credits


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