The Style Crate Arrives!

   The Style Cratehas made its grand reveal, containing a vast selection of cosmetic items,ranging from clothing to wings to jewelry and even weapon skins. Not only does each item within the Style Crate have the exact same chance of being rewarded,but you can dismantle the unwanted outfits into Style Coins, which can be used to purchase exclusive outfits and badges! Maplestory 2

Event Updates

  • Play Mapleopoly! (Oct. 10 - Nov. 8)
  • Maple Spin Event (Oct. 10 - Nov. 8)
  • Maple Fanatic Event (Oct. 10 - Nov. 8)
  • Fishing Maple Coins (Oct.16 - Nov.7
  • Star Pop Party (Oct. 10 - Nov. 8)
  • Fortune Cookie Fun (Oct. 12 - Nov. 4)
  • Daily Rewards Event (Oct. 10 - Nov. 8)
  • Rotating Bonus Event (Oct. 10 - Nov. 8)         Maplestory 2

Sales Updates

.    Following items have been added to Premium / Red Meret Shop

.    Outfit

.    Skull Eye Patch

·    MS-002 Headphones

·    Little Devil Horns

·    Buckled Mustang Jacket (F)

·    Buckled Mustang Jacket (M)

·    Goose Padded Jumper (F)

·    Goose Padded Jumper (M)

·    Raccoon Safari Jumper (F)

·    Raccoon Safari Jumper (M)

·    Classic Duffel Coat (F)

·    Classic Duffel Coat (M)

·    White Short Sleeve Shirt and Tie (F)

·    White Short Sleeve Shirt and Tie (M)

·    Short Black Pants (F)

·    Short Black Pants (M)

·    Pale Denim Skinny Pants (F)

·    Pale Denim Skinny Pants (M)

·    Formal Skirt (F)

·    Formal Pants (M)

·    Fishnet Socks & Hiking Boots (F)

·    Fishnet Socks & Hiking Boots (M)

·    Red-lined Socks & Sneakers (F)

·    Red-lined Socks & Sneakers (M)                    Maplestory 2

·    Baby Chick Bag

·    Note: The Formal Top (M), Formal Top (F), Formal Pants (M), Formal Skirt (F) and Skull Mask were originally listed in the Meret Market. This was in error, and we apologize for the confusion.

.    Weapon Skins

·    Slithering Snake Sword (Blade)

·    Lollipop (Blade)

·    Blue Shark (Cannon)

·    Speedy Pig (Cannon)

·    Fairy Leaf (Staff)

·    Lollipop (Staff)

·    Seahorse Bow

·    Octopus Bow

·    Armored Shark (Great sword)

·    Lollipop (Great sword)

·    Clam Shell (Shield)

·    Apple Pie (Shield)

·    Hot Fish Cake (Codex)

·    Pineapple (Codex)

·    Spiky Turban Shell (Thrown Weapon)

·    Stuffed Crust Pizza (Thrown Weapon)

·    Slime Cooler (Scepter)

·    Ice Pop (Scepter)

·    Merry Marlin (Long sword)

·    Frying Pan (Long sword)

·    Slime Cooler (Dagger)

·    Ice Pop (Dagger)

.    Style Crate Items added on Meret Market                   

·    3 Style Crate Weapon Boxes in the Style Crate

·    Holy Seraphim Weapon Box

·    Twinkle Star Weapon Box

·    Duckling Weapon Box

·    Opening a weapon box will provide a weapon for the character's job

·    Knights will receive a long sword and shield

·    Priest will receive a scepter and codex

·    Thief will receive 2 daggers

·    Assassin will receive 2 thrown weapons

·    Dismantling and Style Crate Coin Shop introduced

·    Style Coin Shop can be accessed from the bottom right corner of the scree

·    Players can dismantle outfits/skins obtained from Style Crate to receive Style Coins

·    Amount of Style Coins you receive can differ between the outfit/skin in range of 1 to 3 Style Coins.

·    Various cosmetic items ranging from Epic outfits to Buddy Emotes can be purchased using Style Coins

·    2 Style Coins are given for dismantling weapon skins per job.

·    Two-handed weapon skins give 2 Style Coins when dismantled

·    One-handed weapon skins and shield skins give 1 Style Coin when dismantled (basically, weapon skins you get two of give 1 Style Coin)

·    Exceptional rank outfit items give 3 Style Coins when dismantled

·    Normal rank outfit items give 1 Style Coin when dismantled

.    Glamour Anvil from Style Coin Shop

·    An item that can forge an outfit of equipment, without destroying it

·    The gear will become an outfit that players can be used like any other equipment item to mask over their current equipment while retaining the stats of the equipped items