Welcome to read a news about Maplestory 2. Recently, Maplestory launched a series of new massive updates, featuring a new Job, new maps to visit, new dungeons to battle and more!

   Today lets look at the latest new map- Karkar Island. bet you will absolutely love them.  Maplestory 2



   Travel to Karkar Island, a gorgeous resort island where absolutely nothing could possibly be wrong! That is, aside from the swarms of insects, undead monstrosities, vile devils and... belligerent gaming consoles?   Maplestory 2


   Party up with your friends and delve into six new Normal Adventure Dungeons, and when you think you're ready, grab 3 well-armed buddies and venture into the new Labyrinthine Halls Hard Adventure Dungeon.There's plenty you'll have to contend with as you reach for the new level cap of 60! Get more Ability and Skill Points, upgrade your gear and show the forces of darkness that the cute is not to be underestimated!  

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