• Sean 2018-11-14
    Took around 45 min to complete my order. Ended up with 16k credits instead of 7.6k. Thank you Lucie.
  • ezpz 2018-11-12
    Great site thought it was a scam at first got my credits within 40 minuets (they were busy) and its a great price £6.36 for 16000 credits very cheap and affordable i would recommend this site. (i am n
  • Blaster 2018-11-11
    I bought R6 credits and i get it so quikly and double ! I recommend ! You contribute to stop the steal of ubi
  • Marcel 2018-11-11
    10/10 service, bought 7.6k credits which I recieved in about 2 mins after purchase and the funniest thing is that instead of 7.6k I got 16k credits <3
  • Necro 2018-11-09
    I've ordered 16000 R6 coins. It took like 1 hour to get, I was afraid, but in the end I'm very happy! Thanks
  • Godly_Shinji 2018-11-07
    I just bought R6 Credits how long is it going to take , to get the Credits onto my account and is it okay when im logged in and playing or do i have to log out and dont play until i got the credits?
  • JKL 2018-11-06
    This site and people who work here are awesome,my rate for this service is 10+ thanks for everything :)
  • Sunny 2018-11-04
    wowwww wtf it actually works. took like 5 mins to get the r6 credits i thought it would be a scam but i am actually amazed it works. wish i knew about this sight before i could have saved so much mone
  • Joel 2018-10-27
    Nice 100% legit i have got my R6 Credits after about 30min. The only negativ point is that i have bought the gemstone bundle an i haven recieved that... so i give a 7.5/10
  • Swifn 2018-10-27
    Genuinely thought this was a scam when I first looked saw the site, received my product within 30 mins - dont judge a book by its cover. Definitely will use again

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